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Jen and Nick- A Glacier National Park Couples Session

March 26, 2019

Hey everyone!! Meet Jen and Nick. Pretty much the coolest people ever!!

I totally was that person that was screaming inside when Jen from Hunnybuns Fit ( GO CHECK HER YOUTUBE AND INSTA) reached out to me on instagram and asked me to do a couples session for them.  Like WHAT??!! They had just located to Montana from California, so what better way to show her a little slice of heaven, than go to one of my most favorite places: Glacier National Park! Every Summer, my family and I venture to Lake McDonald, and every-time I fall more and more in love with it. The breathtaking views, the wildness and calmness of the water, and the smell of the mountains is something that you can’t beat.

Walking into this session I was ecstatic, but so blown away by the pure love that they have for one another. Their chemistry was on fire! One of the things that I love the most about photographing couples is the connection. I  mean, how could you not be a hopeless romantic at heart?!? When I first started my photography journey, I had no idea where I was going to go, the places I was going to see, and the incredible people that I get to meet. It did not take me long to realize that documenting love stories was something I fell in love with. All of a sudden, it became more than just sweet and romantic photos , it became about the moment and the deep feeling that was behind them, the two people who were in love. This was their story. These images were something that they were going to have to hold onto forever and treasure for years to come, something that they get to pass on to the next generations, and I got to be a part of that story. There is something so powerful about the love between two people and one of the best parts, is that no two are the same. Nick and Jen had a pure love between them. They spent the afternoon just laughing with everything that they had, the way that they looked and held one another was something special. I am SOOOO happy to say that these two are now engaged and they get to be husband and wife this year!! Her fur babies were the cutest ever and if you look closely, they were popping in and out the entire time!

Alpenglow is my favorite hands down. When those sunset colors hit the mountains, its more than a dream come true, and we totally lucked out with this evening!

I hope you enjoy seeing their love story!



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