I get asked this all of the time and I looove sharing my story. It was the year that I was graduating high school, when my sweet cousin and her family came to Montana to visit. I remember asking her to take a few photos of me on a whim, and she did... they were amazing! Watching her edit on the computer was a huge draw to me. I loved seeing her process. I worked my summer tourist job and saved for my first camera and computer. After lots and LOTS of practice and random shoots  is really when I really decided that this was my passion and I fell in love with it more and more... I STILL DO! Every single shoot leaves me feeling head over heels. I show up to a session and I cannot explain how happy doing photography and making friends with my amazing couples  makes me. . I just recently discovered  that my late grandfather was a professional photographer for the U.S. Navy, so guess it does run in the family.  And then it snowballed from there. It wasn't long before I found that couples were my jam and my heart really goes into the personal connections and raw + intentional moments. Love stories are just so darn beautiful and I am here for them.

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When I am not out photographing, you will find my hair in a messy bun and an oversized sweater with my denims . Listening to random songs and singing my heart out.  Watching some random show on Hulu. Tearing it up on the ATV, boat rides on the lake, camping + fishing. Having a cold one around  a campfire and spending all the family time that we can. We love exploring and  a good day at home with the best traeger dinners.

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I found my passion for photography the year before I graduated highschool. My cousin is an incredible photographer and she came to Montana with her family to visit. She did a little shoot for me.... and that was it! I was hooked! I worked hard that Summer to buy my first camera. After a few years pursuing, learning and growing, I found that I truly love telling the love story between down to earth couples who are madly in love. ( I am a sucker for all the pretty little details) There is something so special about a love story. I love feeling the connection in the images, and I know that is what you will treasure the most.

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Yes I do TRAVEL!!! I live for adventures , so you can take me anywhere... I have an entire bucket list of places I want to shoot intimate weddings and elopements. So, if this is you, reach out to me today! I will have a special deal for you! Let's adventure together!


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