I believe in the power of community. Building one another up and encouraging each other. We are all in this together,  and I am here for YOU 1000%. I want to help you achieve your dreams + goals and elevate your business in all the ways,  I am on your team cheering you on, You are AMAZING, you can do this!

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Canon 5d IV x2
Canon 35 1.4 ii
Canon 85 1.4L
Canon 50 1.2 L
Sigma Art 24 1.4
Rose Anvil Dual Harness

why Should I do a mentorship?

SOO glad you asked! When I first started photography, I was so sure that I could just figure it all out on my own, so I never asked for help. I cannot tell you enough what a difference it made in my business when I finally did. You do this for you and your business! Having the one on one time is the best way to have a personal learning experience, and let's be honest... we are going to be best friends now. What are you waiting for, let's dive in!! I will send you a questionnaire before our session to get an idea of where you are at and where you want to be! Fill out the form below and do this!! I cannot wait to see where this will take your wings!

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1 Hour Facetime Mentor Session 
2 hour in person in a coffee shop or over tacos and beer

4 hour in person and a live session where you can watch me direct and pose + get awesome content

Just a few of the things that we can go over: Your brand, marketing, posing, seo, pinterest, ideal clients, business, client experience, editing, workflow.

I found my passion for photography the year before I graduated highschool. My cousin is an incredible photographer and she came to Montana with her family to visit. She did a little shoot for me.... and that was it! I was hooked! I worked hard that Summer to buy my first camera. After a few years pursuing, learning and growing, I found that I truly love telling the love story between down to earth couples who are madly in love. ( I am a sucker for all the pretty little details) There is something so special about a love story. I love feeling the connection in the images, and I know that is what you will treasure the most.

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Yes I do TRAVEL!!! I live for adventures , so you can take me anywhere... I have an entire bucket list of places I want to shoot intimate weddings and elopements. So, if this is you, reach out to me today! I will have a special deal for you! Let's adventure together!


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I am soo stoked to chat with you more, and I will be in contact soon!

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Quick Note:  I recently found out that not ALL inquiries are going  through on my website . I have been working on trying to figure out why and get that fixed. In the meantime, definitely fill out this contact form and send. If you do not hear back from me ( I respond to all inquiries asap) send me a message on Instagram!!! Thank you!!

availability update: July August 2021 fully booked.

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