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June 15, 2020

  1. Rebekah White says:

    I am interested in eloping and wondering if you could provide some pricing?

  2. […] in eloping in Glacier National Park? Check out How to Elope in Glacier National Park and let’s get to dreaming up the best day […]

  3. Karin Pruess says:

    Elsa, Thank you for this information! I am so grateful given we are in Nebraska. We are pretty flexible the month of September 2024. Planning on 40-50 guests max. My daughter and her fiancé are looking to do one of 2 options. First, stay in a Airbnb and have a dinner reception at the home following the ceremony. So in this case my daughter must have mountains at the ceremony space. Be allowed to have 40-50 guests at the ceremony. It can be a venue for ceremony only.
    Second option would be to stay at a lodge with beautiful Mountain View for ceremony and have a small dinner for guests following wedding.
    We are very interested in hiring you for photography as well! Any help or recommendations would be so grateful!
    Karin Pruess

  4. Kyla Simmons says:

    Hello! My husband and I have been married for 3 months now and have told nearly no one. We want to come out to glacier in May. Basically, my husband was in a deadly accident that left him paralyzed in his left leg, which lead to getting that leg amputated below the knee. After the accident, he never thought he’d find anyone, so it’s very important for us to get amazing photos for him to prove to him how loved his is and how much his life is worth the daily struggles. Unfortunately we do not receive any help from any veteran org even though we are both veterans. I want to have a photographer planned before i surprise him for the visit but funds are very tight so i was wondering how much it would be for an hour or two of just couples photos in glacier, keeping in mind that it will take him longer to travel off trail due to his injury. I never ask for pity or help, I just want to make sure this is captured for him. Please let me know your pricing for such session or anything similar you have.
    Thank you so much

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