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Jake + Felicia May 19th | Kalispell Montana Wedding

June 27, 2018

Felicia & Jake Ferkin {Their Story}



“It’s crazy to look back on the past 5 years and how much we have grown on each other. We have brought out the best in each other and built our relationship from the ground up. We met in High School from a couple of friends that convinced us that we needed to meet. Although the first date was very awkward and looking back we probably didn’t think we would be marrying each other. As we grew and went through high school we became inseparable, we did everything together, spending all day and night together. We married our soulmates and wouldn’t have it any other way. Jake joined the military after high school which put our relationship through a lot but we grew so much closer. Getting married at a young age can sometimes be hard but we new that we were meant to be. We knew that we wanted to spend our lives together. It’s crazy how close you can be to someone, or how someone can pretty much the same person as you are and you get to spend life together.


We got engaged in May of 2015 a month before he left for basic training. That year was full of obstacles and we had no idea what to expect. I remember going to his basic graduation and feeling so excited because we hadn’t talked in a couple months besides two phone calls the entire training. We only had two hours to spend together and we had to stay in a certain amount of miles. Although that was so exciting to spend those few hours together after months of being apart it was also so hard. After that we spent a couple of years apart with occasional times he would come home to visit for a week or so.


Although there’s times that we have to spend apart and there’s nothing we can do about it it causes you to really grow close to each other and love each other with all that you can. We recently spent 10 months apart and it was very hard not spending all the holidays together and birthdays and all the fun things you want to do with each other but we just remember how much we love each other and it’s worth the wait. I think the one thing that we have really learned from our relationship is that we truly love each other and that we have grown so close. 


Just like any other relationship you will always have the ups and downs and you may not always be happy but as long as we have each other we can get through it. We are so so excited to spend this life together and experiencing all that life throws at us.”

These two, let me tell you what, thier love is so sweet and so evident. The way that they look at one another says it all. The entire day was so beautiful and I was dancing a happy dance all day. I am so gratefeul for Jake and Felicia having me capture this special day. Leave your comments below and tell me your favorite part



Vendor Credits:

Venue: Diamond B Weddings, Kalispell Montana

DJ: DJ Mykey MandT Productions

Cake: Miss PattiCakes

Floral: Rose Mountain Floral

Wedding Gown: Lola Grace Bridal

Beauty: Drew Jacobs

Invites: Dazzle

Jewelry: Kay

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