Aliyah 7 Months

May 17, 2016

Being a mother has changed me in such an incredible way! I never knew how much love I could have for someone before she came! She teaches me so many things and she does not even know it. Her wonder and happiness for everything is amazing to me. Sometimes I think that we get too caught up in life and we forget to look at all the little things in life, the things that truly matter. That is what I learned. I get busy, I have my moments, its not easy. I just need to stop to take time for her. She matters more than anything. I realized that photography is way beyond taking a picture, it is capturing a moment otherwise gone. That is a part of why I love it so much, I want to carry those little smiles, giggles, and little tiny blue eyes forever. God has blessed us so!

My little blessing is now 7 months! She says “hi” and “momma” ! She is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up to stand on things. I am taken aback at how quickly they grow and learn. I truly had no idea haha! She loves carrots and sweet potatoes and is not very fond of bananas and pears!

These sweet little photos were taken in my back yard! I randomly looked out the kitchen and saw these blossoms on the other side of the barn! Score! I grabbed my old crate and quilt and put her in overalls. I gave to say, it turned out pretty cute!

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